Sandy's 4PAWS Care, LLC

REVERE (and surrounding areas):  

Dog Walking, Dog Training, & Pet Sitting Services



 Dog Walking:

         - Prices available for dogs requiring a ONE-ON-ONE walks.

         - Prices available for longer walks or multiple daily walks.

         - Additional Dog $ 10.00 in the same household and $5.00 for 3rd.

         - Feedings $5.00 and UP (pending on dogs who require rest time between walks & feedings) 

         -  No fee for medications. 

Monday thru Friday 9A-4P:

         - 20-30 minute walks (energy/stamina/age & weather conditions could affect times)

         - $15 per walk based on Mon thru Friday or 3 days or more.  (Prices vary outside of Revere). 

         - $20 NON weekly scheduled dogs walks/ walks outside of above time frame/2 days a week walks.

                                                                                     - $25 Weekend walks  (additional fee for outside Revere).

                                                                                     - $35 Holiday walks  (additional fee outside Revere).


            Dog Training:

                    - Basic puppy training and obedience.

                    - Adult behavior correction.

                    - Starting at $60.00 per hour ( 1/2 hr sessions and package rates available). Additional $20 for 2nd


          Pet Sitting/Daycare/Boarding:

               - Based on availability/advance reservations required: 

               -  Monday - Friday only from 7A-7P.

                           - $30.00 1/2 day up to 5 hours     
                           - $45.00/per day up to 12 hours.

                           - $20 Additional Fee is added to daycare on weekends.

                           - $30 Additional Fee is added to daycare/Boarding on holiday.

                           - $20 for each additional dog in the same household.

                           - $10 Additional Fee is added to requested pick ups/drop offs.   Times will be advised day 

                             prior.   (Revere only- higher rates apply for outside Revere.) 

                - Boarding: $60 for overnight based on 24 hours. There after defaults to day or 1/2 day rates. 

                 -     *** NO BOARDING: SEPT 01-09SEPT 2018*** / Dec 25, 2018 - Jan 02, 2019 (Full) 

                                                                       - In-home visits available.   Price vary by distance.  $70 and up.

                                                                       - Cats/others:  $20.00 for one day visit or $30.00 for two visits up to 3 cats.  $3.00 additional fee  

                                                                         applies for each additional cat.  (Prices vary by distance).

                                                                       - Long-term and extended stay discounts available.  



         Dog Maintenance:

                - Nail Trimming $10.00 

                - Ear Cleaning $ 10.00

                - Teeth Brushing $10.00

                - Brushing $5.00 (up to 10 minutes of brushing and detangling).

                - Bathing/drying - Varies by dog size/breed.

                   ( **Above prices are based on pets brought to my location.  Additional fee applies for home visits**)

                - Vet/Groomers transport (available for other pets as well) $30.00 per hour.  Revere only. 


Pet Reiki

Prices start at $30.00 based on distance.

Offered by Suzanne Dufresne (Registered Reiki Master)

Contact her at: