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           Welcome to               Sandy's 4PAWS Care     by the beach.

Servicing Revere and surrounding areas.

Need  responsible and kind people to look after your pets? We take care of your pet with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pet will feel right at home with us.  We are flexible in our scheduling and very responsive with your pet. Sandy's 4PAWS Care, LLC is a registered, licensed, bonded and insured business located right in Revere. 


A Little About Myself

How Sandy's 4PAWS Care came to be:

With over 20 years of experience working with dogs, I have grown my business strictly by word of mouth.  I began walking dogs back in 2009, just to help out a neighbor.  Soon word spread and I found myself working part time as a dog walker.  With time I began fostering puppies and training them to be adopted out and soon after, I was being asked to help with dogs with behavioral issues.  I realized I had a gift to help these loving souls and decided to give up my 23 year career in the travel industry and fulfill my love for animals full time.

In the last 20+ years I have had the honor of working with over 600 dogs.  All ranging from 08 pound pups to 170 pound mastiffs.  All different energies, behaviors and temperaments.

With a variety of services to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. At Sandy's 4PAWS Care, we are focused on providing professional, experienced, trustworthy,  and friendly services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our goal is always for a PAWSITIVE experience and a DOGGONE good time!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Sandy Tapia


Meet The Team



Dog Walker - Pet Sitter- Daycare Attendant 



Daycare Attendant - Dog Walker - Pet Sitter


Mike - 

     Daycare Attendant 



Walker-Daycare Attendant- Pet Sitter.



Daycare Attendant - Pet Sitter - Dog Walker 



Daycare Attendant - Dog Walker - Pet Sitter


Jessica (Jess)

Daycare Attendant  - Dog Walker - Pet Sitter



Daycare Attendant - Dog Walker - Pet Sitter


Daycare Attendant


Andrea - Daycare Assistant

Dog Walking: 

Professional Experience

I have been providing Dog Walking services since starting out back in 2000. My experience over the years has helped me perfect my Dog Walking methods and techniques, so you can rest assured that your pet will receive the encouragement and attentiveness they need.  Dogs are never walked in large groups, at best 3 at a time. Safety is our number one priority, therefore we also do not offer off leash walks or dog park visits.


 - Prices available for dogs requiring a ONE-ON-ONE walks.

 - Prices available for longer walks.

 - Additional Dog (s) - $ 10.00 in the same household and $5.00 for 3rd.

 - Feedings $5.00 and UP (pending on dogs who require rest time, due to bloat,  between walks & feedings). 

-  No fee for medications. 

 - 20-30 minute visits (energy/stamina/age & weather conditions could affect times/location). Time starts upon arrival.

- Cancel policy is 8P day prior to avoid billing.

Monday thru Friday 9A-4P:

  - $19 per Visit (Based on 5 days a week on a weekly schedule).

 - $21 Per Visit (Based on 4 days week on a weekly schedule).

 - $23 Per Visit (Based on 3 days week on a weekly schedule).

  - $25 Per Visit (Based on 2 days week on a weekly schedule).

- $27 Per Visit (Based on once a week on weekly schedule).

        -$30 Per Visit (as needed,NOT on a weekly schedule

- $35 for same day requests.    

- $35 Weekend Walks. IF walk falls on a holiday weekend.  Holiday walk applies.

- $40 Holiday Walks.



Doggy Day-School (daycare), Boarding & Pet-Sitting:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not spending as much time as you’d like to with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give your pup the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of Sandy's 4PAWS Care,LLC reputation for great care— I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Doggy Day School (Daycare):


- Start your pups early on a training routine.  All basic commands/obedience plus everyday situations.

Pups will experience field trips (weather/staff permitting) to the beach and area stores that allow dogs to help reinforce their commands/behaviors in outdoor environments.

- The more your pups attend daycare the more we reinforce their training.  Don't let lack of time affect your pups training and growth.  

- Entrance fee $800. Obedience/basic commands for 2 straight weeks plus one hour training with you. Pup(s) attend Mon thru Friday from 7A-6P.  Upon completion pup(s) can attend regular daycare/boarding.


- Hours for daycare are Monday thru Friday 7AM-5PM (we remain open for pick ups until 6:30P).

- After Training Program rates:

1x a Week (non scheduled day) - $40//Half Day $55/Full Day

2x a Week (on scheduled days) - $37/Half Days  $52/Full Days.

3x a Week (on scheduled days) - $35/Half Days  $50/Full Days

4x a Week (on scheduled days) - $33/Half Days $47/Full Days

5x a week - $30/Half Days  $45/Full Days

- Not open on Holidays/Weekends

-$10 Off Per Additional dog in the same household/owner. 

- Pickups/Drop offs available starting at $10 each way based on distance. 

-Additional fees applies for drop-offs before 7A and pickups after 6:30PM.

- Daycare requested on a weekend: $55 Full day/$40 half day + $20 weekend fee.  BASED on availability.  

Cancel policy is 8P day prior to avoid billing.


Dog Boarding Rates:

** Boarding is for dogs who have previously attended our training program. **

You do not pay additional for them attending daycare/playtime. 



$45/up to 6 hours 

$40 additional for holiday per dog. Applies to weekend leading to holiday.

- $10 Off per additional dog with the same owner. 

 - Long-term boarding (10 days or more) discounts available.

- Last Minute Fee:  $50 last-minute fee (LMF) applies for any reservations that needs to be set up with brand new sitters/boarding within less than 72 hours.  Within 7 days if reservation falls on a major holiday (including weekend leading to holiday).

- Pickups/Drop offs available starting at $10 each way based on distance. 

- Drop off for Boarding not allowed after 12PM.

- Weekend pickups/drop off times MUST be scheduled in advance. No booking will be confirmed without a time.

- CANCEL POLICY:  3 Days prior & 7 Days prior for bookings falling on a holiday.  LATE CANCEL IS for the FULL amount of the booking.  


**Keep you pets in the comfort of your own home**

Rates:   Pending on distance.

WE DO NOT COVER PET-SITTING WITH 2 visits a day for dogs.   We do NOT do job shares. 

 Includes feeding/meds/lights/blinds or curtains/mail/watering of plants/ litter box (for cats).

DOG(s) $80 for 3 daily visits.  $100 for 4 daily visits.

$10 additional per pet/per owner.  $10 additional for weekend days. $40 additional for Holidays (includes holiday weekend leading to the Holiday)

**** As of April 2023 we will NO longer be offering overnight stays @ client homes. ****

- Cats/others:  $25.00 per 30min visit up to 3 cats.  $5.00 additional fee applies for each additional cat there after.  Additional $5.00 fee for each weekend visit(s). We only cover consecutive day coverage. No job share.

- Last Minute Fee:  $50 last-minute fee (LMF) applies for any reservations that needs to be set up with brand new sitters within/ less than 72 hours.  Within 7 days if reservation falls on a major holiday.

- CANCEL POLICY:  3 Days prior & 7 Days prior for bookings falling on a holiday.  LATE CANCEL IS for the FULL amount of the booking.  


*** SEE Calendar for Holidays ***


Dog Training:

Let’s Have Some Fun

We offer balanced based training and behavior modification for house pets.  Balanced based training which may include the use of prong collars & E-collars while teaching you to be the best leader your dog (s) needs.

- Daycare/Boarding Entrance program $800:  - Basic Obedience plus!!  It's our 2 week program where your pup attends Mon thru Fri from 7A-6P.  Includes 2 half hour sessions with you on each Friday.   This program fills up fast and we're usually booking 1-2 months out.   This program allows access to our daycare and boarding at our facility. 

- 2 Hour -Intro One-on-One Session:  $200 - Includes a 2 hour session to address behavior/walking issues at your home.  Any additional training at the regular hourly rate.  Outside of Revere, travel rates apply. 

Training Package: Fees for one-on-one shall be $900 for the total. Sessions are for obedience solo training.  Included are 2 hrs of introductory training (at your home), plus 7 additional one-on-one 1- hour training at client’s request (at my facility). Discounted training can be added. Contract is valid for one year from start of classes.  All family members handling the dog(s) need to be present.  Outside Revere, travel rates apply. 


Pet Maintenance:

Prices are based on pets brought to my location.  Additional fee applies for home visits- Nail Trimming $15.00- Ear Cleaning $15.00- Teeth Brushing $15.00


Pet Transfers:

  • To/from vet or groomers.

  • Ride to/from the airport with your pet. 

  • To/From your house to facility for daycare/boarding.  

  • 1-2 miles $10

  • 2-3 miles $15

  • 3-4 miles $20

  • 4-5 miles $25

  • 5-6 miles $30

  • *** CANCEL POLICY IS ALSO 8P Day Prior ***



I do not trust my Greyhounds with too many people. Sandy started bringing our girl to her house to play with her dogs and she quickly became the second "mom" to our first girl. She is loving, patient and very good with all temperaments and breeds. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Suzanne D.


Sandy has been walking dogs in the Point of Pines for many years. She is very knowledgable about canine behavior. Her vast knowledge of canine behavior likely saved our dogs life this week. While out walking our irish setter she encountered 3 pitbulls who were out unleashed on the street. One of the dogs came racing at our setter and grabbed her by the throat and locked his jaw onto her neck. Sandy jumped on top of the attacking dog, not allowing him to move. She did this to prevent the dog from being able to shake his head and body, which is what dogs generally do when they attack to rip the other dogs neck. Sandy's knowledge of this behavior saved our dogs life. If Sandy had tried to pull our dog away by her leash, as most people automatically do, our dog probably would have had her throat torn apart. Dog walking and boarding can be a pretty simple task if all goes well, but when bad things happen it is nice to know that your dog is in the hands of a true professional. I would highly recommend Sandy if you ever need boarding, walking or training for your dog. Thank you Sandy for taking such good care of our Chloe and saving her life.

Eileen S.


Best dog-gone walker & sitter on the northshore. My dog Addie refuses to be walked by any other!

Mike F


Words cannot express how amazing Sandy, Samantha and Anna have been with our dog, Sookie. They have all been extremely professional since day 1 and show our dog boundless affection. Sookie can be shy around new people, so it really meant something to me when I was at home once when Anna arrived to pick Sookie up and Sookie didn't even look back at me before leaving happily with Anna on her walk. Sandy is very communicative with us and gives us daily updates on what happened on Sookie's walks. She is also able to fit us in last minute if something arises unexpectedly. They have also stayed in our home overnight with Sookie when we are out of town and out home is always just as we left it. Overall they are professional, trustworthy and loving people to have in your pet's life! I cannot recommend them more highly. Of all the things I will miss when moving, Sandy and her team are #1.



Thank you, you made a great difference. Sunday I was able to walk Porter on his 2 mile walk , he very rarely pulled most of the time the leash was loose this was the 1st time I was able to easily walk him.  Thanks!

                  Kathy S


We have been using Sandy and her crew for the past three years and have had an amazing experience with three dogs. Between walks, home visits, and training, Sandy has gone above and beyond our expectations. When one of our dogs was sick, she even had me drive the dog to her home in the evening to take his temperature and do a quick check on him. I couldn't possibly recommend Sandy and Sandy's 4PAWS Care any more highly!!



Sandy is fantastic! Trustworthy, reliable and so wonderful with dogs! Our 7 year old lab loved his daily walks. We recently relocated to Colorado and were so Sad to say goodbye!"


Pitbull Portrait

Sandy is a loving caring person in general. Dogs respond and open up to her so fast. If you want your dog to have fun, learn and be safe Sandy is the person I highly recommend!!!- 



There is no better caregiver for your pet on the North Shore than Sandy's 4Paws Care. Whether Sandy is walking, pet sitting or training your dog, she has a style and command presence that all the dogs respond positively to. I can't recommend her or her services enough. My dog loves spending time with Sandy, adores her and has benefited greatly from her training.

Brian- BJ Smith Consulting, LLC

Contact Me

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Ask Me Anything

My pet needs to go to the vet/groomers?  Can you take them?

Absolutely! We understand your days are busy and we'll be happy to help. Be sure to check our availability.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Not enough to say we are experts but we are happy to help.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Our staff at times will walk up to 3 dogs.  Most times only up to 2 for safety and more one on one attention.

Does my pet have to be dog friendly for you to walk him/her?

No, we do offer individual walks.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

Not if we are only offering walking services.  We don't walk female dogs in heat, but will accommodate a potty break.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

For walks/training/Pet-sitting we require rabies only.  For boarding, bordetella, distemper and rabies are required.

My dog is too young to be walked, can you offer potty breaks?

We do and will include some one on one and some basic puppy training for the 30 min we offer.

Come Work with Us

Join the Team

Looking for a dog walker/Pet sitter/daycare attendant 20-30 hrs. ***MUST*** 1) Be available Mon-Fri 10A-4P. Some evenings/weekend/Holiday are required. 2) Be available to overnight at client's home. 3) Have personal, reliable, insured vehicle & license 4) Pass a background check. 5) Be willing to walk in all sorts of weather. 6) Own an updated/current cell phone. 6) Be Reliable, flexible, be able to follow direction and have great communication skills and understand the sense of urgency. 7) OF course goes without saying, love dogs (and cats a plus!).  ***Room for growth.

Thanks for submitting!

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